In this 5th consecutive Beyond Programmable Shading SIGGRAPH course, we continue with the core mission of the course—discussing how GPU and CPU parallel computing are used in conjunction with the traditional 3D real-time rendering pipeline to improve image quality, performance, or reduce power consumption. We will also further explore future directions in real-time rendering innovation. Unlike past years, we assume the audience is already familiar with modern real-time rendering CPU + GPU hardware architecture and programming models.

This year's course focuses on applications of GPU + CPU compute to solve real-time illumination problems, an updated discussion of game developers' requests to the rendering research community, a deep dive on power-efficient rendering algorithms, and a panel on how past research in this field has and has not affected the game and graphics hardware industry.

Course Organizers

Aaron Lefohn, Intel
Mike Houston, AMD

Course Notes

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Beyond Programmable Shading

9:00–9:15 Introduction to Beyond Programmable Shading 2012
Aaron Lefohn, Intel
9:15–9:45 5 Major Challenges in Real-Time Rendering
Johan Andersson, DICE
9:45–10:15 Intersecting Lights with Pixels: Reasoning about Forward and Deferred Rendering
Andrew Lauritzen, Intel
10:15–10:45 Dynamic Sparse Voxel Octrees for Next-Gen Real-Time Rendering
Cyril Crassin, NVIDIA
10:45–11:15 Power Friendly GPU Programming
Maurice Ribble, Qualcomm
11:15–12:15 Panel: "From Publication to Product: How Recent Graphics Research has (and has not) Shaped the Industry"
Kayvon Fatahalian, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)
Panelists (listed alphabetically)
David Blythe, Intel
Hao Chen, Bungie
Mike Houston, AMD
David Luebke, NVIDIA -- GPU Computing: History and Tech Transfer
Bill Mark, (startup) -- Brief history of programmable shading and interactive ray tracing productictization

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